Where do you come from?

It’s the typical question everybody asks, if you’re meeting a new person for the first time. But it’s also a very philosophical question, a question, which goes more into detail.

In times of globalisation and “weekend- trips” to Ibiza, people forget to get to know their own country.

So here is a little travel guide trough your home country:

  1. Your favorite place to go
  2. A secret spot, only a few people know (hidden treasure)
  3. Five things you love about your country
  4. Five things you don’t like about your country
  5. The most awkward word in your language
  6. The most beautiful word in your language
  7. A special dialect you always wanted to learn (do it!)
  8. Your favorite dish
  9. Your least favorite dish (of course they have to be regional)
  10. What makes your country special?
  11. Typical prejudices people from other people have about your country
  12. The best place to go on a holiday
  13. The best childhood memory in your hometown
  14. An idol from your country
  15. The most famous peson from your country
  16. Already visited the highest mountain?
  17. Is there a water body in your country? And if yes, have you been there?
  18. The most important historical event (of course there are different opinions about that)
  19. Is there a special story about your national anthem?
  20. Your favorite fairy tale
  21. The best movie produced in your language/ country
  22. One thing, which you will always connect with your home country

This is kind of a checklist, and serves as a little inspiration to get to know your own country a little bit better. Of course you can leave out some points or add something you would like to do, I wish you a lot of fun with it!