“We live in a fast world, which is quick with forgetting things”

This is a quote from a book I read, when I was a child (A. Steinhöffel, Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten). It is true. People are always busy, too stressed to enjoy something or do something for 100%, always something on their schedule and never time for anything.

With that we do not only forget about the important things in life, like friends, family, do things that we love and enjoy, we also get impatient. We are used to get everything that we want in a few moments. Doesn’t matter if it’s a movie we want to watch, food we want to eat or things we want to buy. With new possibilities like Netflix, Deliveroo (a food deliverer) and Amazon we don’t have to leave the house anymore.

This is going to get a bigger problem, because impacience makes us nervous and imprecise. If something doesn’t work so easily in our eyes we quit it and go on to the next, without us even trying to understand it. We have to give a chance to new things, be more tolerant and open- in other words we have to take time for things we want to do.

I had a very nice talk about all this yesterday on the train, met a girl, who told me about this Youtuber called Simon Sinek. He talks about this theme as well. In the video down below you can see what he thinks about that (and he nearly stands for the same things) and how it is conneced to social media and the new tecnology. It is only an exerpt, but still very interesting!

Go watch it, think about it and take time.