#TB TO 2k16

img_4340Let’s start with Dresden in March…


…and Italy in May.


In June I travelled to Gdansk with some friends. Together with polish students we worked on a project about the “Solidarnosc” movement in Poland during the 1980s.

A quick, and absolute wonderful trip to Antwerp and Amsterdam in July. I really recommend these two citys. Amsterdam is a little bit more international and “faster” than Antwerp, but Antwerp has the more delicious waffles;)


Roma- the eternal city. The perfect trip in the beginning of August! In the first picture you can see the Memorial for Vittorio Emanuele, who played a very important role in the italian history, because he became the first king of a united Italy in 1861 since the 6th century. The second photo shows a little park near the center, where we met a wonderful old roman, who showed us the city through his eyes.


Of course we spent some time at the beach in Santa Marinella (1h away from Rome), but the italian beach life is definitley NOT my thing! Way too many people.


Yep, that’s me on the north sea (that’s where my family comes from).


Time for denmark with my amazing friends!


Let’s go further, September. Since I’m specialized in history at school we went to Warsaw. This city surprised me with it’s weather;), cultural backround, how they work on it and on the movement which is going on there right now. I definitley recommend going there if you’re up to explore something different, I really liked it.


Tanzania…still dreaming about it. Another thing I realized this year: It’s not hard to go away and travel the world, it’s the harder part to come back, come home and change something.


Biggest culture-shock I’ve ever had in October: First picture: Amsterdam for the second time this year, still as beautiful as I had it in my mind! Second picture: Somewhere in Kent…