So…I went to India in January for three weeks, and had a amazing time. I got to know a completley new culture together with new friends and my indian family.


Of course we lived together with people, who treated us good, but one weekend we took the chance to visit the country outside Hyderabad, to see the other side of india… It’s so important to visit a country and to get to know the different parts of it, because specially India is so complex!


I had to take a picurte of this empty street in india, because it’s not that often, that you get to see this street so empty! Trust me in india you will ALWAYS have traffic!


In February I took the chance to learn how to ski, and it was absolute stunning! I think everybody should try this kind of sport, because it’s so much fun!!!


Hamburg ❤ I love my hometown!


In April my indian buddy came to Hamburg and it was such a great experience to show someone else your hometown and your life!


In May it was time for Paris! My first time in Paris. And it’s truly a very beautiful city, but I don’t like cities, where are tourists all around. (I know I’m a tourist too)


My favourite spot in Paris so far, next to the Le Marais Quarter ❤


I turned 16!!! Ok, honestly I really don’t like the hype with the celebration of the “sweet 16”. I just wanted to post this picture and give you guys the tip to visit the daughterville festival here in Hamburg! It’s really cool. My other two favourite festivals here in HH are the Dockville in July/August and the Reeperbahn Festival in September.


I went to Berlin, our capital city. (This was the second time this year, we already visited Berlin together with the Indian guys in April)


Berlin the third time this year, but this time we (me and my friends) also visited Potsdam, which is even more beautiful, and a little bit more quiet. (In the picture you can see Saun Souci, the castle in Potsdam. It’s a little bit like in Paris, with Versailles)


Summer came and I went to L’Escala and Barcelona in Spain!


I also started this new blog in August!


After Spain it was time for a quick stop to Austria and Bavaria! OMG I LOVE to hike (and climb) in the mountains 😉 ❤


Crete ❤ I think it was the hole athmosphere of this special island, which made me fall in love with it and Greece!


Blue sky, clear water, happy faces, nice people, good food… I have to go back soon!


Well… I hope you like this little “throwback”. Right now I’m in christmas mood, which includes next to reflectiveness and convivality also a lot of stress. But tomorrow I’m going to visit my family and celebrate christmas together with them and hopefully I will find some rest. But on Sunday I’m going to Austria!!! Together with my best friend I will spend the rest of the year with driving down the hills and singing lots of “hit songs” 😉

Even if I forgot some small trips in between in this “throwback” I think I had a really good year and I’m already exited what 2016 is going to be like. I already have planned one big trip in September… it’s Africa! Yes I’m going to Tansania and I can’t tell you guys how exited I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So stay tuned 😉

I wish you all the best, a merry christmas, to all of you, who are going to celebrate it and a happy new year!

Liva ❤