Since I can remember I’m visiting the Tonder Festival in Denmark every year in the end of August. It’s a folk festival, and I guess everybody thinks of boring, slow “old-people-music” when it comes to folk, but I have to say, that folk is actually pretty nice. It has a special energy and when your walking around town and listen to the music it just makes you want to dance. No matter if you’re in the middle of the street or between hundreds of people in a big festival tent.

My relationship to Tondern is close. It’s a small town in the south of Denmark and it just takes us around three hours to get there. All those scandinavian countries look like these perfect cute ones, you can see in romantic movies. And in every house you look, the interior is perfect as well and it looks like one of these flats you can see in newspapers like “home and garden” etc. Sometimes it bores me a little bit to walk through these streets, see all the perfect houses, with all the perfect shops and people bla bla bla, everybody looks the same way! Trust me! Danish people chill a lot, so that’s what they look like. Comfy leggings, a basic t-shirt and a long, warm carding- outfit is done. And it’s totally fine, they all look great, but they all look the same! But on the other hand I’m visiting Denmark just one time a year, so I have to enjoy this time there and get as much energy and inspirations as possible. Because they do have a good taste, that’s for sure. I don’t have to dress like them or do the same things as they do, that’s not the point when you’re traveling, but what you can do, is get some inspiration, and transmit that into your life, cause that’s the best thing- find the golden middle, simply the best out of everything!

I’m sorry for just one picture, but I lost my SD Card somewhere…typical me! 😉

Liva ❤