Hey guys!

I guess everybody hates it… homework, exams= study time! Right now I just wish I could take the next plane back to Greece, where I spend the last (amazing) week of my summer holidays. I’m so ready for holidays again, even if school starts like three weeks ago 😉 Just hate it! But here are some snapshots from my trip to Crete, isn’t it amazing how beautiful a place can be? And how crazy your mood changes as soon as you can feel the sun on your skin and the sand between your toes?!

Liva ❤




Do you remember when you coudn’t here anything for the last time? And I mean absolutley nothing? Well, I know. It was completley quiet when I stopped hiking three weeks ago in Austria. And it was magical!

I was born in Hamburg, the most beautiful city in the north of Germany, but my heart is definitly beating for the south of Germany!! It’s crazy. As soon as I can see the mountains, it feels like I’m in another world! I don’t know if anybody can undertsand but it’s a little bit like with your mother and your father. To be honest, every father or mother has his favourite child, so children also have their favourite parent. But it’s not that you can say: „I love one of them more“, cause you just love the other person in a completley different way.

When I was younger my father always went climbing with me, which is one of my favourite kind of sports, because you can do it Indoor and Outdoor. But there is actually another kind of sport I prefer more than everything else – hiking. A lot of people say it’s kind of boring and annoying just to walk through the mountains. But for me there is nothing better. Just imagining walking through the mountains, breathing the clear air, listening to the silence and watching the panorama ❤ .  I mean is there anything better to be on top of the mountain, watching down and see all the small things? And after walking down, sitting in the warm big room of your hut and eat good food?! My favourite kitchen is the italian and the indian kitchen and normally i don’t like the bavarian kitchen that much, but when you’re completley exhausted after a hole day in the mountains it’s the best food in the world (and actually the only food you can get there 😉 ) I love to remember looking after marmots and capricorns. For 8 years I go hiking now, and I just can’t get enough! Everywhere I went until now I bought my hiking boots with me and it’s always a nice experience to hike in those different countrys… in Spain we always had to follow the shit of the sheeps, because there were no tracks, in Hong Kong I walked on red ground in a terrible thunderstorm, which was not funny (!) and in India we went on a hike, which was also a small „tiger safari“! But the best place to hike is definitely the south of germany and austria. I just love it!

Liva ❤







Here’s a little photo bomb from my trip to Austria. Can you see the magical panorama in picture two or four?! I’m completely in love with this scenery! A text is coming asap.

Liva ❤